All participants of the Municipal Attorney Listserv are expected to comply with the following "norms." The norms exist to promote efficient and responsible communication between members, while retaining the informal collegiality enjoyed by the group.  The norms are intended to reduce messages that do not contribute to the substance of a discussion thread, but they also represent courteous email protocol.

  1. Identify yourself.  Always identify yourself by name and title, and include your email address within the body of sent messages.  This will allow recipients to contact you directly, or off-list, should the need arise.
  2. Replies.  Do not reply to a message without adding a substantive thought to the dialogue.  Thus, “Me too” or “I agree” or “Ditto” would be unnecessary replies.
  3. Subject line.  Always review the subject line before sending a message or reply.  If the topic is jurisdiction specific, list the state of relevance.  If the message is a reply to an existing thread, update the subject line if your comment changes the context of discussion.
  4. Sharing documents.  When requesting copies of a document referenced in a message, do so off-list, and remember to include your email address in your message (refer to #2 above).  Attachments are not allowed on Listserv messages, however a file sharing site is available for document downloads.  Posting documents that several members request is encouraged, but be sure to alert the List to the addition of a document on the file sharing server. To access the file sharing site please submit a support request to to receive the login information. To open a document, you’ll need the software in which it was posted, e.g. WORD, Excel, Adobe, etc.. Clicking on the file name will cause that file to be downloaded to your computer; from which you can then open the file. To append a file to the Serv-U site, click on the “upload” button and then navigate to the file on your computer, double click the file and then hit the “upload” button.  Please remember the site is intended for members of the Atty-Listserv, so don’t liberally forward the access info.  Please read the file titled “aaa—Instructions for using FTP”
  5. Commercial messages.  Messages of a commercial nature are strictly prohibited on the List, and may result in termination as a participant.  Reference checks, notices of employment and other matters pertinent to the operational aspects of your law office are not considered “Commercial messages.”